Drug GPS - identification and eradication of medication errors

A simple workflow that lets you upload the medication and its frequency, and then it is screened for the most common mediacation errors.

Potentially and only as needed it asks you additional questions in order to check off the package inserts of the medication, you take. You get a report that states either that (1) there seem to be no errors or (2) there seem to be errors or points of concern that should be discussed with your doctor. It works in these countries (with medication from these countries, or any combination thereof):

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Cure GPS - the GPS for Breast Cancer treatment

A multi party workflow that takes the patient and everyone associated (doctors, nexts of kin etc.) through the treatment process of breast cancer.

Behind the solution is our technology, the Ocean Flow, loaded with workflow content derived from clinical guidelines of breast cancer. It can be integrated with hospitals, such that if the patient hooks up, the data is transferred to the Electronic Patient Record of the hospital. Our plan is to develop and deploy other disease guidelines, starting with Prostate Cancer.